Benefits of 200 Hour Teacher Traning Course


How to teach yoga in the right way? How to design a series of Yoga practices? What is the formula to give yoga therapy to someone and how to become a successful yoga teacher? What does yoga teacher training mean? Is it just a certificate? Or the understanding the depth of Yoga and Indian philosophy, which will transform and give you satisfaction and shine in your career as well?

Surely the popular personality you see in yoga today, they have no degree, but an understanding from which not only yoga is advancing, but they themselves have become the rulers of high altitude. In modern times, increasing stress, diseases and the desire to remain slim have helped to bring yoga home. Along with the fame of yoga, the number of yoga teachers in the street is also increasing every day. At the same time, unfortunately, the process of learning and teaching yoga has also fallen drastically. Sometimes to get quick results, sometimes less and wrong information of teachers has done more harm than benefits to yoga and people. Being a yoga teacher is not a profession; it is a Responsibility, if you want to become a yoga teacher, then you have to understand the practice, teaching principle and application of both correctly under the right guidance.

Yoga is considered to be more Practical and less Theory. In such a situation, it is not the aim of yoga teacher training to recite the knowledge of yoga sutras or mere knowledge of Bhagwad Gita in the name of yoga. We have to understand what problem a yoga teacher has in teaching a student in the everyday class. The bigger thing than that is how to use yoga knowledge in a better way. Realizing these problems, we have prepared such a syllabus in our yoga teacher training program which will prepare you to be a great yoga teacher. You will not only be able to teach in a conference, workshops, and seminars but will also be able to improve your career in yoga. It is not enough to do various postures. By doing yoga postures in the right way, will improve the flow of energy by removing the closed glands inside us. Yoga teacher training examines the correct alignment of each asana.

Many types of students come to a yoga teacher as a student. From new students to advanced students, from sick to obese, less flexible to child-elderly. In such a situation, adjustment is needed to make the posture according to the needs and requirements of every student. The modification makes yoga practice easier as well as more beneficial and keeps away the possibility of any kind of damage. In Yoga teacher training, you will learn how the adjustment or improvement or modification of asanas is different for every student. This information creates trust among the students.
Like in some diseases, a doctor does not give the same dose of medicine to young children and elders. In the same way, a yoga teacher has to understand how we should design yoga practice according to the needs of the person. Along with the sequence of postures and pranayama, asanas also have to be taken care of in making yoga teacher training series. The art of making series and the science behind it is told in our Yoga teacher training. Through long practice, a subtle understanding of yoga and years of teaching, you can begin to understand the use of yoga in medical science. Basic knowledge of medical therapy using ​yoga is also shared in teacher training. With this, not only you can solve many of your personal problems, but you can also benefit others.

You are a good yoga practitioner. Lack of confidence in teaching is seen many times. A good yoga teacher is not only a good practitioner but also has the quality to share yoga knowledge in a simple and easy way. From their personal experiences, our yoga teachers make this fear inside you as your strength. Many things like the personality of the teacher, the method of communication, the art of teaching and the subtle understanding of yoga prepare you as an effective yoga teacher.

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