About Us

Shiva Yoga Niketan is one of the Yoga ashram which elevate your awareness and nourishes your soul .Located at Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh, nicknamed as Yoga capital of the world . Yoga has been practiced in Rishikesh by many sidh sadhus and yogis for millennia . Shiva Yoga Niketan is registered with Yoga Alliance USA and offers 200 hours Traditional Yoga teacher training Certification courses in Rishikesh . The Yoga Teachers of Shiva Yoga Niketan are a dedicated and committed team of experienced yogic practitioners making them the best from others .
After completion of the course and examination of Y.T.T.C, We provide a Yoga Alliance USA Certificate which is approved all over the world.
Shiva Yoga Niketan, creates awareness among the people about this old Indian tradition that helps in transforming body and mind, promoting well-being of the society as well.
Our mission is to provide the inquisitive searchers of vedic information a unique profound, religious, personality and body encounter drawing from our gigantic pool of learning in vedic logic, yoga and the sanatan(ancient) tradition. We are a group of youthful, dynamic and current time professionals who are diverse in the way that we simply don’t offer practice yet build up a firm and profound comprehension in full setting, which means and give importance of what you would come to gain from us.


Shiva Yoga Niketan teaches traditional Yoga which includes a full range of medieval practices including:
• Yoga postures. (asana)
• Breathing techniques. (pranayama)
• Meditation. (dhyana)
• Relaxation. (Yoga nidra)
• Cleansing techniques. (shatkarmas)


We aim to create a community of openhearted people who gather to enjoy, practice, share, learn and accomplish a deeper, stronger and more conscious sense of self.

Our Dedicated team of Teachers is highly professional and gets updated with new techniques day to day through workshops .

Our trainers make sure that the Practitioner knows the right techniques and hidden meaning of different styles of yoga like Hatha , Vinyasa , Ashtanga , Shivananda and Kundalini Yoga in a most authentic way.
Shiva Yoga Niketan, ensure that every Practitioner gain Knowledge of yoga by deep personal practice and experience.
Trusted and demonstrated yogic qualities are provided by the trainers of Shiva Yoga Niketan.